Saturday, February 03, 2007


You Are presently residing in this “I Amness.” The consciousness is presently manifested. The beingness is happening, and one goal of the teaching is to allow the consciousness to know itself…to sense its presence and to know What It Is. But not only is the “I Am” to be known. “THAT” is to be understood as well. From THAT pool of unmanifested consciousness, the consciousness manifested. To THAT it shall unmanifest. But an objective even beyond the knowingness and the beingness exists:

The goal is to know that beingness, yes, but to transcend even that and then merge into the Absolute, allowing all ego-states to vanish in the process.

To know the beingness, the I AM, is to be free of the ego-states that lead persons to believe they are “this” or they are “that.” Yet the goal is to be even freer. The word “Niruta” points to the condition of being free even of the “I Am.” That happens after transcending all and merging into the Absolute, even while the consciousness is manifest.

The aim is zero concepts. Even “I AM” is a concept to be transcended. At that point of merging with the Absolute, personality ends, no personas exist, no human being exists, and there is only the impersonal consciousness…the consciousness that is “person-free.” But the “Niruta state” is that “state” of knowing that You Are That Which Is even beyond the “free-of-all-personas stage.” Knowing that You Are even beyond this “I Amness,” You merge into the Absolute and are free of all beliefs, of all beingness, and even of the non-beingness. I Am beyond all that, and You Are beyond all that.

Floyd Henderson