Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The truth is

the dream is always what ‘right now’ is; it is always ‘on,’ and it features ‘the dreamers’ mostly using time to play the part of ‘real people’ by pretending they forgot there is no one to be anything at all, let alone a person. The dream precludes the possibility anything is any more real than content in this dream. This dream features ‘the dreamers’ occupying the full spectrum of knowing, from those who know and never forget to those who know and depict ‘not knowing’ so convincingly they are immune to the truth they are dreamers delivering a personhood charade in a dream.

This dream, the one the dreamers, posing as people, refer to as “reality” is not about people. That’s not possible. As Hui Neng said way back in the dream, “from the beginning, not a thing is.” That dreamer wasn’t kidding when he made his statement, and the Buddha wasn’t kidding when he said “all life (in the dream) is about suffering” (because no dreamer can ever be anything but what it is). The same holds true for Wei Wu Wei. The telling of the truth reflects the stages of his awakening in the dream, but by the time you reach the end of the series, he is one with the truth that this Mind-generated dream is all about ‘the dreamers’ and what they do in this dream to pretend to be ‘real people’. Lies can’t cancel truth. No trick, no matter how clever on the dreamer’s part, can turn a dreamer in a dream into any kind of a person. The dream is a cliff hanger because ‘the dreamers’ resist truth and cling to lies as if someone’s life is at stake. This is what most dreamers get to do in this dream. This is ‘the plot’ in this dream, and, because no dreamer can ever be anything but what it is, the option to ‘wake up’ is imminent. You are a dreamer stuck in the fiction you are a person, or you show signs of ‘waking up’ in this dream.

Dr. Gregory Tucker

Monday, June 26, 2006

Whether you are going or staying

or sitting or lying down

The whole world is your 'own self'
You must find out ...

Whether the mountains
rivers, grass, and forests

Exist in your 'own' mind or ...
exist 'outside' it

Analyze the ten thousand things
Dissect them minutely

And when you take this to the limit
You will come to the limitless

When you search into it
you come to the end of search

Where thinking goes no further
and distinctions vanish

When you smash the citadel of doubt
then the 'great All' is simply ...


- Daikaku

Nondual Highlights #2506

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Nothing can be different to what is

We live in a conceptual universe created by the mind which appears to be inhabited by separate individuals and is experienced as 'self' (subject) and 'other' (object). The 'I', 'me', 'ego', 'self' and 'Self' are all concepts created by the mind, which is itself a concept and as such just an aspect of the illusory conceptual universe.

The actuality is that there's just one thing happening - life, nature, what is...a single movement of energy appearing in myriad forms in which no artificial divisions exist. All apparent subjects and objects are intrinsic aspects of the indivisible whole.

Nondual reality - life, this 'one thing happening' - is impossible to describe because all language and thinking is conceptual. The most that can be said is that nondual reality is beyond concepts...and even this is conceptual and therefore not actuality.

The belief, inculcated from birth, that "I am a separate individual" is so convincing that it becomes the reference point for the apparent individual's view of the conceptual universe. This illusion of separation is a psychological falsehood based in the duality of "I" and "not I", subject and object. The apparent individual believes itself to be the subject and everything else to be objects. This is a reversal of actuality, in which Life may be conceptualised as subject and everything else as objects - though in nondual actuality there is neither subject or object, there's just what is.

The belief that 'I am a separate individual' is the 'dream' or 'illusion' that is the cause of all psychological suffering. The illusion is held in place by the 'Matrix' of the conceptualising mind and by ingrained habitual patterns which maintain the illusion in an endless loop until it's seen through.

Nature, the concrete world, does not exist in the conceptual, dualistic, subject-object form that is ordinarily perceived by the apparent separate individual. Nature is not separate from the apparent individual; apparent individuals exist within nature, or life.

The mind also creates the concepts of past and future, which don't exist.There is only ever now.

As human beings with the capacity for self-reflective consciousness, there is awareness that "I exist", or "I am", here and now. This presence awareness registers everything that is sensed, thought and enacted by this apparent individual, which is actually life manifesting as a unique pattern of energy and conditioning. My true name is Life, not Paul. Life, masquerading as Paul, perceives intelligence in its aliveness - not as a quality that comes and goes, but as what it is. Life is intelligence.

Natural intelligence is inherent in all life but appears to be distorted by the illusion of separation, which causes it to become anthropocentric, fragmented, limited and destructive within the apparent, conceptual, dualistic universe. However, just as the illusion of separation is not apart from nondual actuality, human intelligence is not separate from natural intelligence, nature or life. There's just what is - neither good or bad, creativity or destruction, responsibility or irresponsibility, choice or no choice...everything just arises from and within the unconditioned natural non-conceptual intelligence that is life. Everything that arises IS intelligence and nothing can be different to what is.

Seeing this is 'realisation', 'awakening', 'liberation', 'freedom', 'enlightenment', 'swallowing the red pill'...although there's no one (no separate individual) that this can happen to, and there never has been. There's nothing to be gained because what was sought is always already present. All that happens is that a recognition occurs within the apparent individual that the reference point of the separate self is false, and as such it is no longer identified with.

The world of physical duality remains and has to be dealt with. Motivation may arise to act in one way or another, or not. But the dream is seen for what it is and the driven need to achieve in order to heal the primary wound and fill the bottomless hole of illusory separation evaporates, together with the fear of death...for who is there to die?

Sunday, June 18, 2006

What you are seeking you already are!

The idea of a separation is only a concept. With that idea of separation, there immediately comes along with it the sense of insecurity and vulnerability. Anything that thinks or believes it is separate must also feel isolated and alone, apart from me, other than me. That is the way the mind functions. As soon as there is 'me', there must be 'other than me', and that is the seeming separation. That is the cause of all of our problems. When that is understood, what problem is there, if there is no centre to refer it to?

Got it?

Sailor Bob Adamson, “What's wrong with right now, unless you think about it”

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


are the Matrix.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

There's nothing

to be done
being the space
in which
everything arises
is fun

(With an appreciative nod to

Just recently it dawned on me

what this Awareness business is all about. I realized that I had been laboring under a misconception that Awareness was ‘mine’ -- so I was trying to grasp Awareness as a personal experience, not realizing that it’s as impersonal as can be. Once this mistake was recognized, it seems everything clicked into place: there’s Awareness, and there are objects in Awareness, and to identify myself as an object in Awareness (including human body, thoughts, sensations, etc.) is simply ludicrous. I am the ‘no thing’ that perceives and makes space for all the ‘things.’

Awakening to the Dream Newsletter No. 82 11/6/06

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Time to cut the spiritual sponge cake! - poof!

Many go on about a Great Understanding, an Ultimate Understanding and many postulate directly or indirectly that they have attained such.
This is a total fabrication and belongs to the ego only.
If I show you a green apple and you see it, it is understood immediately.
I don’t have to tell you what it is. - If I said it was a banana, you would laugh and call me an idiot.
Understanding is there and it is always there.
The content of what is understood is constantly changing.
The so-called Highest Understanding is actually nothing but everyday simple understanding. - You cannot be without it.
So, what is all this struggle about?
Who is caught looking for something special ‘out there’?
Isn’t it an unfulfilled sense of special-ness in here?
We have been looking in the wrong place.
There is no higher or lower understanding.
There is no higher or lower consciousness.
There is no higher or lower awareness.
There is no higher or lower reality.
There is no higher or lower being.
There is no higher or lower ‘I am-ness’.
There is no higher or lower ‘I’.
There is no higher or lower.

There is no deliverance.
There is no awakening.
There is no one with or without awareness.
There is no one with or without consciousness.
There is no one with or without understanding.
There is no one within this space of knowing, nor outside of it.
There is no ‘inside’ nor is there any ‘outside’.
Look cleanly and precisely and see that there is no one here at all.

The courage to see that is not anything to be acquired.
It is intrinsically here and natural as your essential nature itself.
For the mind it appears as a simple re-cognition of this un-contrived openness.
For itself (your true nature) it is simply this ever-present, unchanging, unmediated, awareness.

How rare is this direct message?
Who would have suspected it to be so simple? - Who would believe it?
No one! - Seekers prefer to believe in some promised acquisition of some personal power, with which they will transform themselves. - There are plenty of teachers who are happy to supply erroneous information to satisfy those egoistic desires.
Is it anything more than time bound minds looking for companionship in common beliefs? - The famous ‘deliverance’ is an illusion.
Make no mistake about it. Any teacher that promotes the concept of deliverance is speaking from belief and not immediate knowing. - Ask him (or her) to look you straight in the eyes and tell you that he (or she) is free from that future time of deliverance. - And then ask him(or her) to tell you once more of how it will take you 5 to 10 years for you to reach the immediate freedom of NOW. - It is all conceptual nonsense and no concept can ever be that freedom of THIS immediate knowing, which is with you NOW.
Why would any teacher that is free, ask you to go ‘the long way’ and give you stupid practices that only bind the mind into a servile attitude?
If he or she is actually free, they KNOW the immediate short cut and should be able to point your consciousness directly to that freedom (depending on your resistance to that).
Freedom is here for the taking and it is available to everyone and anyone. - There is NO need to enter into any contract with any teacher at all. - Such things are Hierarchy Nonsense!
All that stuff is all a psychological 'God Complex' which plagues the teacher of erroneous ways.
In finding one (a teacher) who is actually free, you just engage in an open discussion until it is seen clearly. - Come back as needed, until all the doubts are cleared away and that is the end of it.
It is simple and it is only a 'big deal' for those who actually avoid the directness of a true self-investigation.
- It baffles me how people can go on walking in the same old circles year after year.
- But that is the way it appears to be. - Carrot and donkey syndrome?
Looking at these loving teachers with guru star dust in your eyes is really a kind of blindness.
I doubt if Ramana Maharshi would ever have wished to be the glorified ‘thing’ that modern guru’s and seekers have made him into. - Some go on about the special atmosphere around his Ashram. - They ignore the atmosphere in their own homes and work places. - It is all nonsense and to continue to go along with all that crap is just entertainment for a fool.
Cut it asunder - and come back to your own immediate presence. - This knowing presence.
You can't stop that knowing - and that is That. - It is what you ARE.
That knowing-ness is not restricted to any pattern that it appears as. - Your presence is equal to All Presence and that includes all so-called sacred beings - and fools included.
The patterns called the body and mind appear nowhere else than in this knowing space that you are – and This is totally suffused by this immediate knowing and that is always NOW.
This is Conscious Presence.
Your true essence knows this but the mind may try to deny it by going off in all kinds of directions with its habitual views and concepts as companions.
Cut it short by simply watching the mind. - Be the presence that you are.
To deny your own presence, as this freedom of pure awareness, in this right here and right now - and then to place your immediate potentiality conceptually into some future time of (some sacred and special) ‘deliverance’ is really just an absurdity and so, so unreal.
Isn't this immediate presence what you truly are?

Yes - How rare this direct message is?

Does the Bell toll for thee? - Is the light turned on yet?

Is it just back to the old treadmill for you again? - Puja and practices?

Come on, shake that cage of erroneous belief. - You are not a monkey in a cage.
Are you?

Gilbert Schultz,

Thursday, June 08, 2006

There can be no Self-realized person

because where Self-realization is, the difference between self and others has disappeared and along with it the doership and identity of the individual pseudo-personality.

- Ramesh S. Balsekar, A Net of Jewels

Saturday, June 03, 2006

It's all very simple

if the addiction to thinking is seen for what it is.

Awareness is non-conceptual

This book further addresses common questions and doubts which often arise in response to this “message” and continually points out the ways in which the “ego” or assumed separate entity (the person) becomes a reference point through which pure experiencing is interpreted and evaluated. It appears that, for many (apparent) people, pure livingness becomes a story with goals to be achieved and problems to be avoided.

For some, the discomfort with this story and its accompanying sense of separation leads to a search for deeper meaning or perhaps an escape from the story. This search may lead to a rediscovery of awareness and pure experiencing as being both the source and destination of life – THIS livingness. It may be recognized that one's life story can become a conceptual distraction away from the ever present livingness and that what we are truly seeking is already here and can only be found here in this moment – not in an imagined future as a result of a planned course of action by an assumed separate character.

Despite this recognition, it seems that there is a tendency for many “seekers” to temporarily see the truth of this, yet continually “lose” the understanding or find objections to it arising based on their life experiences.

The writings and dialogs in this book may clarify that this sought-after understanding or recognition is not something that can be gained or lost by an individual person, but rather that the understanding, the person, and the gaining or losing of understanding by the person are all concepts arising and dissipating in awareness which is the ever present source and totality of all experiencing. Our apparent objections to this, or inability to see it continuously, are all based upon concepts and the belief in the life story of “me” – this apparent separate entity developing over time.

If this is seen clearly, it naturally leads into an investigation into the nature of this apparent “I” at the center of all activity. It may be seen that all apparent problems only exist in relation to this reference point of “I”.

The common belief is that this “I” possesses awareness (or the capability to be aware) and that the “I” is an object or entity existing within time and space. The “I” is separate from the “rest of the world” or that which is “not I”. In continually making decisions of what to do or not to do, the “I” exercises its volition, or free will.

This book continually points its readers to examine their own direct experience to see if the following can be verified:

~ Awareness is the ground of all being, all experiencing, and is not something separate from it in any way. All experiencing happens within awareness – awareness does not arise from something else.

~ Time and space are concepts, neither of which can be separated from the concept of a space-time continuum. All experiencing happens in present awareness whether or not concepts appear which seem to indicate the existence of things or happenings in other times or places. The only “time” and “place” actually ever experienced is located in THIS awareness “here” and “now”.

~ The “I” is a concept which seems to arise in time and space. It is an apparent separate entity which appears to act independently from the rest of the world so it depends upon the concepts of separation and volition.

~ If all concepts are dropped and one relies only on direct experience, it can be seen that the “I” is just an appearance in and is never actually separate from the present awareness. It is the “I” which comes and goes, not the awareness –despite the common belief of the person that he or she may become more or less in touch with awareness over time.

~ All of the objections of the apparent “I” that it is actually something real (apart from the present conceptual appearance of it) rely upon the same concepts of space, time, separation, and volition.

~ Awareness is non-conceptual. It exists without regard to whether or not any concepts are appearing in it and no concept can actually affect the awareness itself.

~ Any concern about the “I” – about its well-being or its existence or non-existence, appearance or disappearance – is just more concepts appearing in this awareness.

~ All problems are ultimately conceptual. When the underlying concepts are seen as real, the problems seem very real. When the concepts are recognized to be just concepts, the problems may also be recognized as only concepts.

If the above is verified in one's own experience without reliance upon concepts, it may be seen that there is nothing that needs to be done and no one to either do or not do anything. Any heavy life stories can drop away. Without the weight of concepts, the play of life carries on.

Preface to ‘Awareness is Non-Conceptual’, third part of the ‘Beyond Description’ trilogy.