Monday, August 27, 2007


any belief, is based on the sense of insecurity. Only when all belief is given up are you free to know yourself. In self discovery what you find is the Truth - that Truth which is total, self-evident and which needs no outside support or justification.

Fabricating objects in the split-mind is what is called "thinking." But thinking is not man's real nature - it is what prevents us from seeing our real nature. Yet there cannot be any prescriptive method to bring about the cessation of thinking because any such effort would emanate from a "me" that is itself nothing but a product of thought.

- Ramesh Balsakar
Nondual Highlights 2911

Sunday, August 26, 2007

This moment

There is only one thing ever to point to for your own freedom.  

And it's not a thing, it is this moment.  

This is where your focus should rest.  Not today, not this hour, not this minute nor this second, it is much more simple than that.  

It is right now, this very moment.  To allow everything to be as it is just now.  To be present with what is right now. 
And right now you exist.  Right now, there is a feeling of being.  In this moment without referring to your thoughts there is this undeniable sense that you are. 
Notice this.  Not "you are a person"  or "your are" anything at all.  But simply being.  It is indescribable, indefinable, but it is you.   If thoughts come, let them come, let them go.  If feelings are there let them be.  Don't resist anything.  

Don't even resist the resistance.  Because if you resist this moment, if you think it should be other than it is, then you are at war with this moment.  And no matter how hard you try and manipulate your world in this moment to be the way you would like it to be, it will only be the way that it is.

So you either are resting in this moment or you are fighting this moment. 

You are living as "I am" or your are living as "I want."  To be here in this moment, or to be lost in your thoughts.  You can't have both.  Freedom or limitation.  This present moment, or your endless commentary about who you think you are, where you have been and where you are going.  

Can you let everything be in this moment?  Can you stop trying to change and control your world and instead, simply rest with me right now?  Just for this second, can you let go and rest in what is here and now?

Don't worry if you are doing it right or wrong.  Just be here with me.  Notice this moment.  Notice that in this moment you exist.  That you cannot deny this feeling that you are.  That it is here, it is now and you are.  Very simple.  

Are you still here?  If not, just come back, keep coming back and all is peaceful again  Keep coming back and you will see that you never actually left.  What else is there besides now?  Isn't it all thoughts outside of now?  Isn't it all your imagination outside of now?  

Let all of that go for just this moment.  This is all that there is and the only thing.  This moment is freedom itself, bliss itself, love itself.  So incredibly intoxicating.  So nurturing.  This moment is you.  And the you-ness goes on forever.  Now is forever.  So easy and so simple.  Too simple for thinking.  It's too subtle to be figured out or defined.  It is you and you alone.

And if you find this hard, simply ask yourself "Who am I?"  In this moment, who are you?  This question simply takes out the thinking you and all that is left is this feeling of being, of just watching.  All that is left is this moment.  Ask this over and over.  "Who am I?  Who am I?"  The question takes you immediately back to now.

Or you can just surrender.  Surrender to everything that is happening right here and right now.  Let all of your fixing, wanting, needing, controlling go.  What will be left is just this moment.  Just you.  If there is emotion let the emotion be.  If there is pain, let the pain be.  Feel it completely in this moment, don't label it, judge it or resist it. 
If you let it be completely you will see that pain is delicious, that emotions are delicious.  Because in this moment there is only you and you alone.  And you are love itself.  You are bliss itself.  You are presence itself.  You are consciousness.

No guru or teacher can give you this.  They can point and provide an energetic to assist you but you alone have to let go of who you think you are and rest in this moment.  No improving your mind or body will bring you to now.  Because now is what you are.  You just have to look.  

Are you still here?  Are you still present?  Breathe with me here.  Sit with me here.  Stop trying to fix what needs not fixing.  Stop trying to get into a meditative state, or to be peaceful.  Just be, and in the being, the one that resists is no more.

And if you rest here, you will see that everything is happening by itself.  That thoughts come by themselves, that action comes by itself.  That everything is moving along just fine without out you pretending to control everything.  And then you can rest in this moment, you can dive deeply, unceasingly into this moment and disappear into the sweet nectar of silence.

Kip Mazuy

Not a dream

In the experience of nonduality, it is not as though physical reality were a dream emanating from it -- that perception would still be dualistic. When duality is seen through, physical reality is imbued with the essential dimension, and the two become one. This gives the physical more reality, more substance, more existence, more meaning, more depth, and more dimensionality. When you look at people, they seem more substantial, and even their bodies appear more physical, in a sense. Every object and person has a concreteness and a definiteness that makes each appear more defined, more present, and more complete, because your experience of them includes the depth of the true existence. When everything is perceived as the Absolute, each atom, each form, has its depth. The Absolute not only underlies everything, but penetrates all manifestation. Depending upon which dimension you are experiencing, everything you perceive acquires the depth and beauty of that dimension.
AH Almaas, Facets of Unity, pg 87

No method

Although we say that it is difficult to come to a place where we perceive the Supreme reality, we also know that there is no method to achieve this, because employing a method assumes that there is someone there, someone who is trying to get somewhere. By its very nature, method indicates a belief in separateness. So there is no technique, no method, no understanding that will precipitate the perception of oneness. If you do anything to get there, then you must be seeing yourself as a separate person, acting according to that separateness, and trying to get oneness -- which is impossible. Still the perception of oneness does happen, because it is a fact, it is the reality. It happens when we relax, when we abandon our beliefs and our ideas and our defensiveness and our fears, when we do not need to constantly be protecting ourselves and pushing away the outside, when we are not busy enhancing ourselves and thinking of ourselves.

AH Almaas, Diamond Heart Book 4, pg 105