Sunday, December 31, 2006

The only truth is...

The thinking mind, the ego, the "me" are all the same. They are different names for the same thing, which is an illusion.

It is the nature of the monkey-mind to jump about and chatter.

Ego is the thinking mind.

Mind is merely a collection of thoughts, or a collection of impressions which makes up this "me", this self image.

The ego is the identified consciousness. When the impersonal Consciousness identifies itself with the personal organism, the ego arises.

Identification with the body is so total that it gives one a sense of separate identity. Now, the separate identity is merely a concept, a concept based on the individual body appearing solid.

All there is is consciousness. That is the Source from which the manifestation has come.

The only truth is I AM - I Exist. That is the only truth. Everything else is a concept. Rebirth is a concept. Your karma is a concept.

What is seeking? Seeking is "you" wanting to know God.

Consciousness is the only Reality.

Seekers continue to practice all kinds of self-torture without realizing that such 'spiritual practice' is a reinforcement of the very ego that prevents them from their natural, free state.

Enlightenment is total emptiness of mind. There is nothing you can do to get it. Any effort you make can only be an obstruction to it.

The same Consciousness prevails at rest as the Absolute and in motion as duality. When the sense of "me" disappears completely, duality vanishes in ecstasy.

- Ramesh Balker
Nondual Highlights 2685

The unique principle

The mind in truth - is only the thought I
Whence, therefore, does this I thought
Have its birth?

For this is truly the Infinite Self
This is eternally the true import of the term I

For in the deepest sleep - we do not cease to be ...
We still exist

Even though here - there is no sense of I
As I am Pure Existence

I am not the body - nor the senses - mind nor life ...
As there is not another consciousness
To know Existence

It must follow that Existence
Must itself be Consciousness

So we ourselves are this same consciousness
In the real nature - as Existence

Both Creatures and the Creator are the same ...
The unique Principle...

Realization of the Self alone
Eliminating all its attributes...

Is God realization of a truth ...
That shines forth as the Self

To be the Self
That is to know the Self

As there is no duality in Self
This is the state of absolutely 'Being

If one can only realize at Heart
'What' one's true nature is

One then will find that it is infinite Wisdom
Truth and bliss

Without beginning - and without an end

- Shri Ramana Maharshi, posted to Mystic_Spirit
Nondual Highlights 2685

Monday, December 04, 2006


is the one thing that creates the whole world,  and memory is the last link that connects one with the phenomenal world.  If memory is understood to be nothing but a thought, which in turn is nothing but pure Consciousness – the Self – then memory,  and the world with it, is merged into the Self.

- Krishna Menon
Nondual Highlights 2660

Friday, December 01, 2006

There is only one Source

Where does the whole of samsara, all animals
and plants, all concepts, trees, and birds come from?
There is only one Source: return to it, merge in it.
Know what it is and everything is It itself.
There is no difference between you and what you call other!
Know this and you will speak to all beings;
every rock, tree, and animal at the same time
because time does not exist here.

Sri H.W.L. Pongee "The Truth Is"